F*K’EM::::The Best Advice

This is for the ones who have anybody negative in their ear... For so long we are caught up in other people's perception of us. Let's be real we are our own worst critic when it comes to certain aspects of our lives but we also have "them" constantly critiquing us and telling us what… Continue reading F*K’EM::::The Best Advice


Jewels For Your Crown

Jewels For Your Crown This morning I woke up on the right side of the bed and realized that even though I’m at my lowest, I still deserve my crown. Think of all the Queens and Princesses in the world and know that it’s not easy to wear a crown. Even with servants at their… Continue reading Jewels For Your Crown

Single is a Living Too

*DISCLAIMER* "I have cognac in my coffee" Like many, I’m a single woman BY CHOICE. To want better for myself is NOT a horrible thing. I WILL NOT SETTLE for just anything or anyone. I’m not a materialistic person never have and never will be those are “things” that don’t last forever. When a woman… Continue reading Single is a Living Too